Saturday, July 5, 2008

The art of forgetting

The moment I got into the bus, I realized that i took a wrong route. I thought for a moment what to do. I did not get down. Thus, a journey started, as if not to end!
There was something strange in that bus stop. I remember , going back in past, that this was not my first visit to this place. There were three dogs, lying just along the road, totally unaware of being trampled by the uncompromising big buses. I would do my habitual chu chu to them thinking they would atleast come near me. They would just give a momentary stare and then carry on with their own way. Then there was that couple; the boy standing with a stick on his right hand and the girl with a single drapery around her lower half. The office-going fellow standing near me would shout and declare to everyone that the couple was mad, and they would always stand there and strike the buses that stand there and shout, as if defining that that was their territory. Do we human beings really bring out our animal instinct when we go mad. atleast for the moment I thought the dogs were behaving more humanlike. Then there was this girl with a skin-tight top, running giving curious stares at my bald head, and within a moment changing her seat. People have become so suspiscious of each other!
I was standing there, trying to rrecollect when did I last visited that place, but in vain. My conscience would constantly tell me "run away from here! You are simply running after a mirage." but I wouldn't listen to it. i stay there. i see my co-occupants change. the mad couple still stand there, the dogs too! and I too; a complete status quo. It was midnight when i got into the bus, and discover that it was the wrong route.

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