Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Legend of the Mountain, the Sea, the River, and the Rock

You: Where are you heading to?
           The mountain beyond the village
           Or the sea that we have never seen?

Me:   Do you really believe you can find God
            In the darkest caves of that ugly mountain
           Or in the monstrous waves of that condemned sea?

You:  The mountain brings peace to my ruffled mind
            The sea provides depth of thought
            And in both you find a faith
            That can win wars no heroes have ever fought!

Me:   The sea has never moved;
            The mountain stands where it has been
            for thousands of years.
            I shall follow the river that runs between them
            Ask her the stories of the battles that were won
            And the wars that were lost.

You: The red river has always moved on
            with a speed that nobody can catch,
            leaving the scars on those pebbled banks.
            Why would you trust the fables that it creates?

Me:   I believe in the speed that it moves
           I believe in the changes that it brings

You: It's so dark, I can't see the lines written on your chest
           that you always sing whenever the river cries
           that you always believe is the epitaph of time

Me:   If speed is your belief and change your religion
           I am the mighty rock that you can call God!

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