Monday, June 18, 2012

You stepped stepped in

Suddenly i remembered a poem i wrote some 15 years back. The poem was about this cute girl, who i used to always call "bright as molten gold"! She was lovely and this poem was inspired by her entrance into the Saraswati puja mandap at our school; she was wearing a while silk saree:

Tumi ahila
Tumi ahila barsasikta dalisakhanere
ekhuj dukhuj

Tumar khujar madakatat
sui thaka lajukilata sar paale
Tumar dehar surabhit
Pahi meli hahi thaka thupa-thupi nishigandha
lajate do khale

Tumi ahila
andhakare aklanta kara nisati puharai
Mor amathue baran salale!

Let me try and translate this piece. I am not very good at that, but this is one of my favourite poems, and i want all my friends to read this. The real feel of the poem may be lost in translation, but then i remember, a famous poet, once, saying: "Poems need no language, somewhat like music."

You came in...
     and stepped on the carpet
           that withstood the rains all night

You stepped on
and thus
You stepped in...

With the waves
     that your tiny feet created
          woke up the shy creepers
At the fragrance that percolated
     through your butterfly curves
          drooped the proud flowers
                that blossomed all night

You stepped in...
     lighting up the night
          that was tired of the invulnerable darkness
The corner in my heart
     that always lived entrapped
          changed its colour!

There are certain terms that I could not simply translate; for instance, "amathu" cannot literally be translated as the heart and so i have used "the corner of my heart".


Dipannita Das said...

Great Pranab Da!!!! Really liked it.

Latha said...