Thursday, August 23, 2012

The happiness formula

Have I ever tried to categorically enlist the criteria which I would call little pleasures of life? I haven't; moreover I don't have a clear idea about the whole thing. Happiness and pleasure, for me, are purely impulsive emotions. As I am writing this wannabe intellectual note, I am driven by some sort of excitement and a creative exercise! This I will surely categorize as happiness.

Is it possible - or is it good for that matter - to categorize one's happiness formula. I feel it is not bad to self-analyze and self-estimate; although I'll strongly argue against letting such systematization drive your emotions and thus control your doings or undoings. There should be room for impulsiveness and indecisiveness in one's life. One Should have the courage and desire to let one's surroundings control his/her life and thoughts.

I think life is a game of many positives and many negatives. A man should try and experience both aspects of life and learn. Naturalists would say: conscience is what separates human beings from the rest of the animal kingdom. I would say: it's not only conscience, but the many other associated qualities that come with it - the ability to judge, the ability to learn, and the ever-present quality of making mistakes.

What is  mistake? I personally don't want to think mistake as a social concept; however it is true when we judge ourselves within the parameters of a group entity. There should be scope for a person, even being within the society, to make his own parameters of good and evil, achievements and mistakes. One should be able to complement one's life within himself, too.

Categorization of one's abilities and qualities will help a person remain within a society, but also will help find niche areas where he/she could let go. Impulse and emotion play a major role in this letting go affair. It may lead either to agony or to ecstasy - either way a person will not lose anything. There may be material losses; but the gains will be such that the person will not hesitate to preserve them for the rest of his/her life and cherish them. This is what I believe is the process of learning, and one should not hesitate to indulge in that.

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