Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Rewriting History?

Modi government has created a specialist committee to rewrite Indian history. The clear-cut agenda (or mission) of this committee, rather of the Modi government, is to establish the Hinduness of India through the ages, rather to prove that Indian history is essentially and actually Hindu history.

There are sections who are condemning this move, alleging the government of distorting history and making it suitable to achieve their long-term goal of establishing Hinduness of India. I am no-one to comment whether it is right or wrong; but is it wrong for the Hindus to be or feel proud of their rich past, and realign their present existence on the goodness of their past? I think every identity has its own right to strengthen its own stand. After all, we exist by identifying ourselves with some entity or the other. What is wrong if that entity is Hindu?

There is another aspect to this: the committee is supposed to use archaeological evidence and DNA samples to prove that Indian history is Hindu history. Now, here is when the ethical question comes. Is the Hidu past is a predefined conclusion? If yes, then this approach of Modi government is unscientific. No research based on material evidence and scientific samples can be predecided. One can only hypothesize before embarking on a research; conclusions will be arrived at only post research. If at all the results are predecided, as is evident in this case, I must conclude that this move of Modi government is purely propagandist and is driven by its vision and mission. Is, then, archaeology going to be a scapegoat? I believe it is!

Let sanity prevail. Let us discuss true history.

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