Friday, November 6, 2009

Life is not B&W; there's always some yellow in it!!

In Assamese:

Moi janu toi dhumuha bhaal pao
Moi janu toi barasun bhaal pao
Seyehe tuk kou
Sukan sarapatbor butali lo
Dhumuha ahile
Ekhan haladhiya dalisa parim!

Phagunat marahi joasei kisor gasjopar para
Pasimar duosa akaskhanaloi
Ekhan haladhiya dalisa parim!

Translation as follows:

I know you like storms
I know you like rains
Hence i tell you
Collect those dry leaves
I shall lay a yellow carpet
When the first storm breaks!

From the young tree
That dried up during the last winter
To the two-coloured sky in the west
I shall lay a yellow carpet!

Note: Two-coloured (duosa), i know is not the correct translation. Used here only for want of proper alternative. Duosa actually refers to the hair of a middle-aged woman, a mixture of black (grey) and white colours.

(The poet is none other than Pranab J. Sarma)

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Anupam Choudhury said...

Now this is something original and beautiful! I loved reading out the Assamese original, even if I didnt understand it.
So what happens with the yellow carpet?