Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Camel

Don’t stop don’t stop my westbound friend
Until you get to that deserted den
Carry on carry on my stranger friend
Until you get to that withdrawn land

Where the oasis turns yellow
And the meandering river
Comes roaring against the ancient rock
That abuts the temple of prehistoric fame

Leave your mark over the thorniest of land
And those irregularities of the ocean of sand
Which have survived
The ravages of an untold saga

Of whispers and murmurs
Of that charlatan charmer
Who walked on the lane of forgotten chants
And goaded winds to the beholden land

He who promised and promised a lot
That the river would flow here
Young and strong
And trees would grow here
Tall and green

Forget those stories of hope and despair
Of endless promises and unfortunate failures
Forget it forget it o ravening wanderer
Forget that you have reasons to mourn
For there will be none that you will be known

Tread the path to that unbeaten land
Gyrate your ways through the searing sand
Until you get to that deserted den
Until you get to that wondrous land
Don’t stop don’t stop my wandering friend


Anupam Choudhury said...

Wonderful imagery! :) Who is the Charlatan Charmer?

Pranab Sarma said...

its difficult to say. He can be someone from the tribals i met in Rajasthan. Actually he is. U see the dresses these people wear, it gives a feeling of a charmer.

Hemant Dave said...

Just yesterday, while loitering with Adi I complained that you're a waste... But since you put up a nice poem today, I take my words back..
Love you :*

K.P. Singh Archaeologist said...

Camel is great animal is The Great India Thar Desert.