Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two days after the blast

15 July, two days after the Mumbai blasts, and one month for the Independence day celebration - What are our thoughts? What's playing in our minds?

PM Manmohan Singh must be thinking his hope of making a stable, superpower South Asia is going to crash. Who did he rely upon, the military establishment of Pakistan? Even if you don't want, you have to believe it. Yes, Dr Singh has been optimistic, and that's fine with the administrative head of the strongest nation of South Asia; it's understandable if he thinks he can control and dictate terms of a region. But somewhere down the line, we are made to believe that the diplomats of India have been naive, and naivety of the heads of a wannabe superpower cannot be accepted.

What is Advani and the opposition thinking? Well, I see no reason why they should not hope for regaining power next time; although that is also not going to help the cause of India any better. We have experienced that, we will experience the same. Rather we can predict a worse situation if that were to happen.

What are the industrialists thinking. The big industrialist set-up is not disturbed at all. The only thing they are bothered is the fluctuating graph of the stock market. Small things (!) like price hike, growing economic disparity, etc. are beyond their imagination. They will at best talk about a much romanticized goodwill and world-changing, friendship-making event like the IPL, and so on. After all, it's the Western world that they have to look out for, not our immediate neighbours.

What is the common people of India thinking? There can be many thoughts: A will be thinking "Damn, why was I to lose one leg? It could have happened to any Tom, Dick and Harry!"; B will be thinking, "Thank God, I was not there." C will be thinking, "Shit! It is going to be a difficult coming six months." D will be thinking, "Anyways, I am going out of this forbidden country, and I will not come back." E will be thinking, "I don't have money to buy rice for tonight, who can I go and ask?" F will be thinking, "If it was possible, I would fuck my boss and move to the other job." G will be thinking, "This many persons I will have to contact, let's see if i get a bakra for this rubbish insurance policy today." H will be dreaming and thinking nothing, while "I" will have nothing to dream and nothing to think, yet a lot to calculate. - Yes, the common man will forget it over a period of time, and will adapt to various ways of coping up with a crisis situation, like they do in Hollywood movies. They will think, everything will be nice one day. And some common men will remain unaware of that there was even a crisis.

Is it better to be insensitive about everything? I have a 50-50 stand on this. As a responsible citizen of this country, I always hope for all-round betterment and peace of this land, and wish to contribute in every possible way. But as a selfish individual, I simply hope to survive and try not to be sensitive, and be calculative and remain safe.

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Anupam Choudhury said...

It's sad that eventually everybody moves on. But then, thank god we can move on! Thanks for this piece, Pranab.